K3 / 1997

Performance / Mini DV video / 3′ 41″


The audience entered a dark gallery where, in the spotlight, there was a piece of white linen in the center of the floor. Two long wooden sticks were laid out in parallel to the edges of the fabric. A sound of whipping that was digitally distorted was heard echoing throughout the gallery. The quick rhythm and raucous sound of whipping eventually slowed, so that the auditory modulation increased in length and depth, to the point of becoming unrecognizable.

The sounds, as well as the intervals of silence, became longer. During one of the intervals, the artist stepped forwards from the audience, accompanied by an assistant. They moved into the light, and then stripped to their waists in silence. They picked up the sticks and took up their positions for the blow. At the exact same moment they hit each other on the back with all their strength. They then put on their clothes and left.