K9 Compassion + / 2005

Print on synthetic foil, 225 x 180 cm

In his most recent works (performance, video, photo installations: K9 Compassion, 2003 and K9 Compassion+, 2005) Zlatko Kopljar developed a key position of an artist intervention in the world of globalism. He is not an artist who globalizes the world by coming from an imperial culture, nor is he an artist who joins the globalizing wave, i.e. he is not an alternative media, web or leftist parainstitutional artist-terrorist. He presents himself as a non-expressive index and, therefore, an indicator of the totalizing wave of globalism, who transforms the planet (large world metropolises) into a testing ground for biopolitical indexation of the representatives of power.

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K10 / 2004

UV print on canvas, 170 x 200 cm

Six chosen recordings represent my hours-long action of swinging on the back legs of the chair. The recordings are imprinted with a UV print onto a large format canvas. Wide, neutral, black edge is later added by hand.

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K9 Compassion / 2004

Print on synthetic foil,  225 x 180 cm

According to the production and marketing standards of post-industrial exploitation of already used products, K9 Compassion is an upgrade of K9, evidenced in the omission of the audio portion and the introduction of photography and an improved version of the scramble application used to encode the video recording. Both aspects of the work,

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K9 / 2003

Mini DV video / 5′ 13″/ sound / color


The construction no. 9 is founded on the action that Kopljar conceived inspired by the residency in New York he had obtained with the Franklin Furnace program in 2003. Just like most contemporary artists, he perceived the residency in New York – with the purpose of creative work and the possibility of its presentation – as the chance of the lifetime.

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K8 / 2002

Performance  7′ / Mini DV 3′


A nurse drew a blood sample from the artist’s vein and poured it into a crystal cube, a vial custom-made for the occasion. The artist sealed it with a glass plug. The cube remained on display until the end of the exhibition.

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