Shame / 1995

Installation / cigarette paper

By choosing Passatacqua’s steps in front of the Jesuit Church of St. Ignatius in Dubrovnik as the site and reference for his spatial intervention, Kopljar opted for a very demanding and scenically baroque site. Using wide bands of cigarette paper he covers the steps steeped foot steps in a sheet of whiteness with all the associations this invokes; from

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DSASFSI,UE? / 1994

Dove sarrei arrivato se fossi stato inteligente, Ubi Ego? / performance / 30′

Dove sarei arrivato se fossi stato inteligente. Ubi Ego?
 Where would I be if I’ve been smart? Where is Ego?

The war in Croatia just started. I remembered Joseph Beuys and his performance from 1971 named “Dove sarei arrivato se fossi stato inteligente?” I asked myself same question. I was sitting at the hospital table writing down messages in a pad

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Sacrifice of Isaak / 1993

BW photography

Sacrifices” were followed by the “Dangerous Regions” exhibition (the Gliptoteka, 1993). Among the displayed installations which were again characterized by sacrificial motifs (“Sacrifice”, “The Sacrifice of Isaak”) we could find an altogether different treatment of problems and another thematic accent. In front of the photograph of the artist

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Sacrifice / 1992

BW photographs

Zlatko Kopljar presented himself to Zagreb viewers (the 1992 “Sacrifices” exhibition at the Cekao Gallery) in a surprisingly mature and complete artistic form. Making use of the ritual gestures from the Old Testament (sacrifice, cleansing, purification), as well as of the materials characterized by great interpretative potential (blood, honey),

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