Setup of the K 19 by Zlatko Kopljar, Vatroslav Jagić Park, Varaždin

Vatroslav Jagić Park, Varaždin, Croatia


Reinterpretation of the K19, Kopljar’s anthological art installation in public space initially placed in Zagreb, in front of the Meštrović Pavilion in 2014, into permanent public sculpture in the city park in Varaždin against local synagogue, represents unique example of logical strategic choice and memorial sculpture settings in Croatia. This act is realized thanks to the initiative of Ivan Mesek, director of the Varaždin City Museum, and artist himself who donated the sculpture.

Kopljar’s art installation is based on appropriation of original building material, namely bricks which have been made in the Jasenovac concentration camp, as well as on the form and function of the EUR-pallet i.e. its aluminum cast replica prepared for this project. Execution of the commemorative column, during which the brickwork procedure was used as a paraphrase of the construction method of building a structural element, suggests a need for the reconstruction of social relationships established on acceptance and recognition of historical faults. Uncompleted top of the column symbolizes unfinished procedure and that the wound healing process is yet to be completed. Column in Varaždin is one of five columns which formed original art installation, and we hope that other towns would embrace Kopljar’s sublime tribute paid to the memory of the victims of Holocaust.

Branko Franceschi 

Photo by Vedran Hunjek